Hotel Árpád

Hlavná 1040/17, 930 05 Gabčíkovo, Slovensko, Gabčíkovo OccupancyPricesDetailsRatingsFrequently asked questionsMap
Hotel Árpád
Hotel Árpád
Hotel Árpád
Hotel Árpád
Hotel Árpád
Hotel Árpád
Hotel Árpád
Hotel Árpád
Hotel Árpád
Hotel Árpád
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Hotel Árpád

Max. 24 persons
1 rental
12 bedrooms1 bathroom, 1x WC
No dogs allowed

Hotel Árpád is located in the city Gabčíkovo. Hotel sleeps 24 people in 12 bedrooms (1 bathroom, 1x WC). Accommodation is available only for you. Stay with a dog is not allowed. We offer Breakfast, Half board and Full board. Outside you will find terrace. Parking by the object.

You can ski in the ski center Chamois - Chalet (59 km), the nearest swimming is Thermal park Dunajska Streda (12,3 km). Nearby you can see the cave Driny (84,3 km) or Historic Upper Saliba (33,7 km).

Accommodation price list can be found here. 
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Frequently asked questions and answers.

4,9 / 5

Occupancy calendar

The occupancy calendar is not updated by the host.


Prices are set by the host directly, no extra fees.
Check it out and call the host now.
cena na vyžiadanie
30 Eur
Person / night
SeasonTerm of the seasonMin. number of personsMin. number of nightsNote of the hostThe price
min. 1 person min. 1 nightcena na vyžiadanie30 Eur Person / night

Basic information

rental usable:Yearly
Arrival for stay:not listed
Departure from the stay:not listed
Parking options:at the rental
Does the host live in the building?NO, the host does not stay / live in the building during the stay
Staying with a pet?It is not allowed
Is the rental fenced?NO, the rental is not fenced
Is the rental wheelchair accessible?NO, the building is not wheelchair accessible
Heating:not listed
Is smoking allowed in the building?Smoking indoors is NOT allowed
Mobile coverage:not listed
Dining options:With breakfast, With half board, With full board, Without food
Layout of the rooms:1x : (12 bedrooms)
12x room: 1x double bed
Total capacity: 24 + 0

Location of the rental

Address of the rental facility:Hlavná 1040/17, 930 05 Gabčíkovo, Slovensko, 930 05 Gabčíkovo
GPS location:47.8912654, 17.5768373 Show the map
Regions:Podunajsko, Južné Slovensko, Západné Slovensko, Chránené územie Dunajské luhy , Žitný ostrov, Podunajská nížina, okres Dunajská Streda, Trnavský kraj
Location of the rental:In the village / in the city
Refinement of location:not listed
Train (railway station):12 km
Bus (stop):10 m
Nearest lift / ski resort:Chamois - Chalet (by car 59 km)
Nearest swimming pool / water park:Thermal park Dunajska Streda (by car 12,3 km)


Internet connection in the building:Yes, WiFi
At the rental / in the area of the rental:Terrace
Additional services in the building:Reception
rental is suitable for:For two, For families with children, For groups, For four


This rental has not yet been rated.

Frequently asked questions

When is Hotel Árpád available? Availability can be checked in the calendar.
What is the capacity of Hotel Árpád? Hotel sleeps 24 persons. No other guests will be accommodated in the property during your stay. Stay with a dog is not allowed.
Does Hotel Árpád allow pets? How much is the fee? Stay with a dog is not allowed.
What is the price for a stay at Hotel Árpád accommodation? Prices at Hotel Árpád accommodation may vary (for example depending on the dates of your stay or number of guests). Check exact prices in the price list.
What is the minimum number of nights to stay at Hotel Árpád accommodation? The minimum number of nights to stay at Hotel Árpád accommodation varies depending on the dates of your stay. You can find exact information on the rates here.

Attractions and surroundings

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