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Exteri├ęrExteri├ęrTerasaGrilOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ąOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ąV├Żh─żadOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ąOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ąSpolo─Źensk├ę hry
Cozy cottage with a view of Domaša
B┼żany  - Valkov • 9 persons, 2 bedrooms. In the recreational area, by the lake. Dog allowed.
5.0 1 review
from 110 ÔéČ / *chata / noc*
Ob├Żva─ŹkaChata 554Chata 554Chata 554Stoln├Ż futbalVybavenie kuchyneVybavenie kuchyneVybavenie kuchyneVybavenie kuchyneSp├íl┼ła
B┼żany  - Valkov • 11 persons, 4 bedrooms. In the recreational area, by the forest, by the lake. Dog allowed.
*Bez recenzi├ş*
from 160 ÔéČ / *chata / noc*
Exteri├ęrBaz├ęn2-poste─żov├í izba3-poste─żov├í izba s predizbouApartm├ínApartm├ínApartm├ínApartm├ínApartm├ín4-poste─żov├í izba
Guesthouse with an outdoor pool
B┼żany  - Valkov • 15 rooms a  1 apartment, 49 persons, 16 bedrooms. In the recreational area, by the lake. *baz├ęn*, *s mo┼żnos┼ąou stravovania*. Dog not allowed.
4.9 10 reviews
16 - 23 ÔéČ person / night
Exteri├ęrExteri├ęrTerasaTerasaSpolo─Źensk├í akcia2-l├┤┼żkov├í izba2-l├┤┼żkov├í izba2-l├┤┼żkov├í izba2-l├┤┼żkov├í izba2-l├┤┼żkov├í izba
When staying for 4 or more nights - 1 hour bowling and tennis free!
B┼żany  - Valkov • 6 rooms, 15 persons, 6 bedrooms. In the recreational area, by the lake. *s mo┼żnos┼ąou stravovania*. Dog allowed.
3.7 19 reviews
16 - 20 ÔéČ person / night
Exteri├ęrExteri├ęrOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ąOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ąKuchy┼łaSp├íl┼łaSp├íl┼łaSp├íl┼łaOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ąOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ą
200 meters from the Domaša water reservoir
Nov├í Kel─Źa  • 12 persons, 3 bedrooms. In the recreational area, by the forest, by the lake. Dog not allowed.
*Bez recenzi├ş*
from 180 ÔéČ / *chata / noc*
TerasaExteri├ęrOkolieTerasaOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ąOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ąOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ą s v├Żchodom na terasuOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ąOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ąOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ą
20 meters from the beach
Nov├í Kel─Źa  - Kelca • 8 persons, 3 bedrooms. In the recreational area, by the lake. Dog not allowed.
*Bez recenzi├ş*
from 199 ÔéČ / *chata / noc*
Exteri├ęrTerasaOkolieOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ąOb├Żvacia miestnos┼ąSp├íl┼łaSp├íl┼łaSp├íl┼łaSp├íl┼łaSp├íl┼ła
Cottage overlooking the Domaša
Kvakovce - Dobr├í • 16 persons, 4 bedrooms. In the recreational area, by the lake. Dog allowed.
4.9 1 review
from 400 ÔéČ / *chata / noc*
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