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Penzi├│n AnupPenzi├│n AnupPenzi├│n AnupPenzi├│n AnupPenzi├│n AnupPenzi├│n Anup
Mo─Źenok • 17 persons, 6 bedrooms. In the village. *s mo┼żnos┼ąou stravovania*. Dog not allowed.
*Bez recenzi├ş*
12 - 20 ÔéČ person / night
Relaxcentrum ─ŻudmilaRelaxcentrum ─ŻudmilaRelaxcentrum ─ŻudmilaRelaxcentrum ─ŻudmilaRelaxcentrum ─ŻudmilaRelaxcentrum ─ŻudmilaRelaxcentrum ─ŻudmilaRelaxcentrum ─ŻudmilaRelaxcentrum ─ŻudmilaRelaxcentrum ─Żudmila
Cabaj - ─î├ípor  - Nov├Ż Cabaj • 4 apartments, 14 persons, 5 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village. *s mo┼żnos┼ąou stravovania*. Dog allowed.
*Bez recenzi├ş*
20 - 25 ÔéČ person / night
Exteri├ęrExteri├ęr3-l├┤┼żkov├í izba3-l├┤┼żkov├í izba2-l├┤┼żkov├í izbaExteri├ęr
Standard accommodation at a good price in a quiet environment
Cabaj - ─î├ípor  - Pere┼í • 13 rooms, 33 persons, 13 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village. Dog allowed.
4.9 4 reviews
8 - 20 ÔéČ person / night
Exteri├ęrVonkaj┼íie posedenieInteri├ęrSpolo─Źensk├í akciaInteri├ęrSuita s v├şrivkouSuita s v├şrivkouSuita s v├şrivkouSuita s v├şrivkouSuita s v├şrivkou
Pension 5 km from Nitra
Cabaj - ─î├ípor  • 16 rooms, 49 persons, 16 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village. *s mo┼żnos┼ąou stravovania*. Dog not allowed.
*Bez recenzi├ş*
16 - 48 ÔéČ person / night
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