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Exteri├ęrExteri├ęrTerasaOb├Żvac├ş m├şstnostLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceOb├Żvac├ş m├şstnost
Modern cottage in Vyso─Źina with pool and sauna
Krouna - Franti┼íky • 20 persons, 5 bedrooms. In solitude near the village. Swimming pool, sauna. Dog allowed.
No reviews
from 4280 K─Ź / cottage / night
Exteri├ęrExteri├ęrLo┼żniceJ├şdeln├ş posezen├şJ├şdeln├ş posezen├şJ├şdeln├ş posezen├şJ├şdeln├ş posezen├şJ├şdeln├ş posezen├şJ├şdeln├ş posezen├şLo┼żnice
Non-traditional accommodation in a secluded area near the ┼Ż─Ć├írske vrchy
Vojt─Ťchov • 5 persons, 1 bedroom. In solitude near the village. Without internet. Dog not allowed.
No reviews
from 2300 K─Ź / cottage / night
Exteri├ęrD─Ťtsk├ę h┼Öi┼ít─ŤVenkovn├ş posezen├şOb├Żvac├ş m├şstnostKuchyn─ŤKuchyn─ŤKuchyn─ŤOb├Żvac├ş m├şstnostOb├Żvac├ş m├şstnostOb├Żvac├ş m├şstnost
Svratouch • 10 persons, 3 bedrooms. In solitude near the village, by the forest. Without internet. Dog allowed.
5 1 review
from 2000 K─Ź / cottage / night
Roubenka U KmotryRoubenka U KmotryRoubenka U Kmotry pohled na soukrom├ę rybn├şkylo┼żnice v pat┼Öe s man┼żelsk├í postelob├Żvac├ş pokoj s krbem a kachlov├Żmi kamnypohled z ob├Żvac├şho pokojeRoubenka u Kmotryj├şdelna s kuch┼äsk├Żm koutempokoj v p┼Ö├şzem├ş man┼żelsk├í postel s mo┼żnost├ş d─Ťtsk├ę post├Żlkykopelna v p┼Ö├şzem├ş se sprchov├Żm koutem
Prose─Ź (okres Chrudim) - Martinice • undefined persons, 1 bedroom. On the outskirts of the village, by the forest. Sauna. Dog allowed.
No reviews
from 3571 K─Ź / cottage / night
Exteri├ęrVenkovn├ş posezen├şVenkovn├ş posezen├şSpole─Źensk├í m├şstnostSpole─Źensk├í m├şstnostSpole─Źensk├í m├şstnostSpole─Źensk├í m├şstnostKuchy┼łPokojPokoj
Accommodation in a quiet place
Skute─Ź - Hn─Ťv─Ťtice • 2 rooms, 8 persons, 2 bedrooms. In solitude near the village, by the forest. Dog not allowed.
No reviews
from 440 K─Ź / person / night
Exteri├ęrV├ş┼ÖivkaOhni┼ít─ŤSpole─Źesnk├í m├şstnostSpole─Źesnk├í m├şstnostKuchy┼łsk├Ż koutKuchy┼łsk├Ż koutJ├şdeln├ş posezen├şSpole─Źesnk├í m├şstnostSpole─Źesnk├í m├şstnost
Luxury mountain cabin with hot tub
Hlinsko (okres Chrudim) • 6 persons, 2 bedrooms. In the village, at the ski resort. Hot tub. Dog allowed.
No reviews
from 5000 K─Ź / cottage / night
Ubytovan├ş v Boru u Skut─ŹeExteri├ęrZahradn├ş posezen├şT┼Ö├şl┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj s kuchy┼łsk├Żm koutemT┼Ö├şl┼»┼żkov├Ż pokojDvoul┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj s kuchy┼łsk├Żm koutemDvoul┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj s kuchy┼łsk├Żm koutemoutemT┼Ö├şl┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj s kuchy┼łsk├Żm koutemT┼Ö├şl┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj s kuchy┼łsk├Żm koutemT┼Ö├şl┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj
Cozy accommodation with a beautiful garden at a good price
Bor u Skut─Źe • 8 persons, 3 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village, by the forest. Dog allowed.
2.9 1 review
from 330 K─Ź / person / night
Apartmán KláraApartmán KláraApartmán KláraApartmán KláraApartmán KláraApartmán KláraApartmán KláraApartmán KláraApartmán KláraApartmán Klára
Her├ílec (okres ┼Ż─Ć├ír nad S├ízavou) - ─îesk├Ż Her├ílec • 2 apartments, 10 persons, 4 bedrooms. In the village, close to river. Dog not allowed.
4.5 1 review
from 2000 K─Ź / apartment / night
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