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Exteri├ęrExteri├ęrExteri├ęrTerasaRestaurace2-l┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj2-l┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj2-l┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj3-l┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj3-l┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj
Hotel directly on the bank of the reservoir
Neveklov - Neb┼Öich • 24 rooms a  1 apartment, 70 persons, 25 bedrooms. In the recreational area, by the lake. With the possibility of catering. Dog allowed.
3.0 1 review
from 820 K─Ź / person / night
Ubytovan├ş na Farm─Ť Heroutice─îty┼Öl┼»┼żkov├Ż pokojDvoul┼»┼żkov├Ż pokojRestauraceRestauraceRestauraceKlubovnaRautSvatbaSvatba
Neveklov - Ml├ękovice • 16 apartments, 4 rentals, 5 rooms a  4 cottages, 103 persons, 29 bedrooms. In solitude near the village, by the lake. Dog allowed.
No reviews
from 230 K─Ź / person / night
Exteri├ęrExteri├ęrVl├í─ŹekOhni┼ít─Ť, skluzavkaLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żnicePodkrov├şPosezen├ş
Accommodation on a former farm
Chr├í┼í┼ąany (okres Bene┼íov) • 13 persons, 4 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village. Sauna. Dog allowed.
No reviews
from 350 K─Ź / person / night
Chata Slapy - SkalicePl├í┼żLo┼żniceLo┼żniceOb├Żvac├ş pokojKuchyn─ŤJ├şdeln├ş z├│naKoupelnaToaletaVenkovn├ş posezen├ş, ohni┼ít─Ť
Slapy • 6 persons, 1 bedroom. In the recreational area, by the forest, by the water. Without internet. Dog allowed.
No reviews
from 1680 K─Ź / *chata / noc*
Exteri├ęrSpole─Źensk├í m├şstnostVerandaKuchy┼łLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceKuchy┼łKoupelna
Cottage near the water reservoir
Slapy • 6 persons, 3 bedrooms. In the recreational area, by the forest, close to river, in a cottage settlement. Without internet. Dog allowed.
No reviews
from 1250 K─Ź / *chata / noc*
Hausbot na Slapsk├ę p┼Öehrad─ŤHausbot na Slapsk├ę p┼Öehrad─ŤHausbot na Slapsk├ę p┼Öehrad─ŤHausbot na Slapsk├ę p┼Öehrad─ŤHausbot na Slapsk├ę p┼Öehrad─ŤHausbot na Slapsk├ę p┼Öehrad─ŤHausbot na Slapsk├ę p┼Öehrad─ŤHausbot na Slapsk├ę p┼Öehrad─ŤHausbot na Slapsk├ę p┼Öehrad─ŤHausbot na Slapsk├ę p┼Öehrad─Ť
A river vacation in a houseboat without electricity, bringing you closer.
Rad├ş─Ź • 5 persons, 1 bedroom. In solitude near the village, by the forest, close to river. Without internet. Dog not allowed.
4.0 1 review
from 920 K─Ź / *chata / noc*
Exteri├ęrExteri├ęrExteri├ęrTerasaTerasaKuchy┼łkaKuchy┼łkaOb├Żvac├ş prostorL┼»┼żkaOb├Żvac├ş prostor
Accommodation with a sauna in the middle of nature
┼át─Ťtkovice • 2 persons, 1 bedroom. In solitude near the village, by the forest. Sauna, without internet. Dog not allowed.
No reviews
from 3290 K─Ź / *chata / noc*
Penzion ┼Żi┼żkaPenzion ┼Żi┼żkaPenzion ┼Żi┼żkaPenzion ┼Żi┼żkaPenzion ┼Żi┼żkaPenzion ┼Żi┼żkaPenzion ┼Żi┼żkaPenzion ┼Żi┼żkaPenzion ┼Żi┼żkaPenzion ┼Żi┼żka
Comfortable accommodation with a kitchen and a large garden for celebrations and parties.
Rabyn─Ť • 5 apartments, 40 persons, 10 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village. With the possibility of catering. Dog allowed.
No reviews
from 400 K─Ź / person / night
terasa p┼Öi z├ípadu slunceOb├Żvac├ş pokojExteri├ęrTerasaLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żnice
Villa with sauna and hot tub near the golf course and biotopes
Byst┼Öice (okres Bene┼íov) • 10 persons, 4 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village, by the lake, in a cottage settlement. Hot tub, sauna. Dog not allowed.
No reviews
from 6850 K─Ź / *chata / noc*
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