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Exteri├ęrExteri├ęrLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceKuchy┼łsk├Ż koutSpole─Źensk├í m├şstnost
Pastviny • 10 persons, 2 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village, by the lake. Without internet. Dog not allowed.
No reviews
from 1900 K─Ź / cottage / night
Chalupa pod lesemLo┼żnice 1Lo┼żnice 2Ob├Żvac├ş pokojKuchyn─ŤKoupelna 1Koupelna 1Koupelna 2Koupelna 2Venkovn├ş posezen├ş
Accommodation in a picturesque cottage in the Eagle Mountains
Mladkov • 10 persons, 2 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village, by the forest, by the stream. Dog not allowed.
No reviews
from 250 K─Ź / person / night
Exteri├ęrBaz├ęnGrilKrb, kuchyn─ŤKuchyn─ŤKuchyn─ŤOb├Żvac├ş pokojOb├Żvac├ş pokojInteri├ęrLo┼żnice
A new wooden building with a fireplace in an attractive location in Orlick├ę hory
Orli─Źky • 8 persons, 2 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village, by the forest. Dog allowed.
4.9 3 reviews
from 1128 K─Ź / cottage / night
18. - 22. February: HOT TUB IN OPERATION!
Baz├ęnH├íjenka ─îenkoviceH├íjenka ─îenkoviceH├íjenka ─îenkoviceH├íjenka ─îenkoviceH├íjenka ─îenkoviceH├íjenka ─îenkoviceH├íjenka ─îenkoviceExteri├ęrExteri├ęr
Cottage with outdoor hot tub, swimming pool, children's playground
─îenkovice • 20 persons, 3 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village, at the ski resort. Swimming pool, hot tub, sauna. Dog not allowed.
No reviews
from 4000 K─Ź / cottage / night
Rodinn├Ż penzion LhotkaVenkovn├ş posezen├şOb├Żvac├ş prostorOb├Żvac├ş prostorKuchyn─ŤKoupelnaKoupelnaZahradaRodinn├Ż penzion LhotkaExteri├ęr
Kl├í┼íterec nad Orlic├ş - Lhotka • 2 rentals, 8 persons, 2 bedrooms. , by the lake. Dog not allowed.
5 1 review
from 400 K─Ź / person / night
Atmosf├ęra na k├ívuZima u n├ísTam kde v├şly tan─Ź├şMl├Żnsk├ę kolo se to─Ź├şPotok se spl├ívkemPosezen├ş u potokaZast┼Öe┼íen├ę posezen├şV├Żhled z koupelnySt┼»l pro 12 osobMl├Żnice s gau─Źem a pec├ş
Cozy accommodation in a quiet environment
─îesk├ę Petrovice • 12 persons, 6 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village, at the ski resort, by the forest, by the stream. Hot tub. Dog allowed.
No reviews
from 7000 K─Ź / cottage / night
Chalupa Orli─ŹkaChalupa Orli─ŹkaChalupa Orli─ŹkaChalupa Orli─ŹkaChalupa Orli─ŹkaChalupa Orli─ŹkaChalupa Orli─ŹkaChalupa Orli─ŹkaChalupa Orli─ŹkaChalupa Orli─Źka
Last minute discount for free stays in February and March 2023 in the amount of 10%.
V├Żprachtice - Koburk • 24 persons, 7 bedrooms. In solitude near the village, on the mountains. Dog allowed.
4.9 1 review
from 6233 K─Ź / cottage / night
HernaOhni┼ít─Ť, d─Ťtsk├ę h┼Öi┼ít─ŤOb├Żvac├ş pokojLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żnice
Finnish and steam sauna, whirlpool, game room, taproom, playground
V├Żprachtice • 23 persons, 6 bedrooms. In the village. Hot tub, sauna. Dog not allowed.
No reviews
from 3570 K─Ź / cottage / night
1. - 30. April: Discount 50%. - FREE sauna jacuzzi
V├ş┼ÖivkaSaunaKoupac├ş k├í─ĆD─Ťtsk├ę h┼Öi┼ít─ŤExteri├ęrOhni┼ít─ŤVenkovn├ş posezen├şOb├Żvac├ş pokojLo┼żniceLo┼żnice
Doln├ş Dobrou─Ź • 14 persons, 3 bedrooms. In the village. Swimming pool, hot tub, bathtub, sauna. Dog allowed.
4.8 4 reviews
from 2000 K─Ź / cottage / night
Exteri├ęrWellness ubytov├ín├ş - Lan┼íperkPergolaSaunaLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żnice
Accommodation under Lanšperk Castle
Doln├ş Dobrou─Ź - Lan┼íperk • 18 persons, 5 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village, by the forest. Swimming pool, hot tub, sauna. Dog allowed.
5 1 review
from 2570 K─Ź / cottage / night
Exteri├ęrSpole─Źensk├í m├şstnostSpole─Źensk├í m├şstnostKuchy┼ł7-l┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj - Hlavn├ş budovaP─Ťtil┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj - Hlavn├ş budovaP─Ťtil┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj - Hlavn├ş budovaT┼Ö├şl┼»┼żkov├Ż pokoj - Hlavn├ş budovaKoupelnaSpole─Źensk├í m├şstnost
A recreation center with a swimming pool suitable for school trips or companies
Doln├ş Dobrou─Ź • 35 cottages a  10 rooms, 281 persons, 65 bedrooms. In solitude near the village, by the forest. Swimming pool, with the possibility of catering. Dog not allowed.
No reviews
from 200 K─Ź / person / night
Baz├ęnPr├ízdninov├Ż d┼»m P├şse─Źn├íLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceOb├Żvac├ş pokoj
P├şse─Źn├í (okres ├Üst├ş nad Orlic├ş) - P├şsecn├í u Zamberka • 12 persons, 3 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village, by the swimming pool, by the forest, by the stream. Swimming pool, hot tub, sauna. Dog allowed.
5 5 reviews
from 3142 K─Ź / cottage / night
Exteri├ęrV├ş┼ÖivkaVenkovn├ş posezen├şD─Ťtsk├ę h┼Öi┼ít─ŤLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żniceLo┼żnice
Cozy furnished cottage
Kr├íl├şky - Doln├ş Bo┼Ö├şkovice • 8 persons, 3 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village, by the stream. Hot tub. Dog allowed.
5 2 reviews
from 3100 K─Ź / cottage / night
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