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Exteri├ęrExteri├ęrTenisov├Ż kurt┼áportov├í hala2-l├┤┼żkov├í izba s balk├│nom2-l├┤┼żkov├í izba s balk├│nom2-l├┤┼żkov├í izba s balk├│nom2-l├┤┼żkov├í izba s balk├│nom2-l├┤┼żkov├í izba s balk├│nom2-l├┤┼żkov├í izba s balk├│nom
The opportunity to play tennis, squash, bowling, table tennis ...
Betliar • 7 rooms a  2 apartments, 26 persons, 10 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village. With the possibility of catering. Dog allowed.
4.7 15 reviews
from 29 ÔéČ / *izba pre dvoch / noc*
Beautiful environment
Betliar • 17 rooms a  1 apartment, 53 persons, 18 bedrooms. In the village. With the possibility of catering. Dog allowed.
4.7 8 reviews
from 20 ÔéČ / person / night
penzion pohlad z dvoraizba ─Ź. 5izba ─Ź. 1izba ─Ź.11izba ─Ź. 5izba ─Ź. 1izba ─Ź. 4izba ─Ź. 2izba ─Ź. 6 - pre invalidovizba ─Ź. 2 (2+2)
We will give you more than you expect
Ro┼ż┼łava • 8 rooms, 18 persons, 8 bedrooms. In the center of the village, by the swimming pool. Sauna, with the possibility of catering. Dog not allowed.
4.9 26 reviews
from 23 ÔéČ / person / night
In the city with free parking
Ro┼ż┼łava • 8 persons, 3 bedrooms. In the center of the village. Dog not allowed.
No reviews
from 45 ÔéČ / *apartm├ín / noc*
Accommodation suitable for groups
Ro┼ż┼łava • 8 apartments, 58 persons, 25 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village. With the possibility of catering. Dog not allowed.
5.0 2 reviews
from 12 ÔéČ / person / night
TerasaWellnessWellnessDvojl├┤┼żkov├í izbaDvojl├┤┼żkov├í izba s pr├şstelkouDvojl├┤┼żkov├í izba s pr├şstelkouTrojl├┤┼żkov├í izbaTrojl├┤┼żkov├í izbaTrojl├┤┼żkov├í izba┼átvorl├┤┼żkov├í izba
Brzot├şn • 13 rooms a  5 apartments, 56 persons, 23 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village. Swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, with the possibility of catering. Dog allowed.
4.8 3 reviews
from 22 ÔéČ / person / night
Rodinn├Ż dom - z├íhrada - exteri├ęrExteri├ęr - alt├ínokTerasaRodinn├Ż dom - schodiskoRodinn├Ż dom - pr├şzemieDvojl├┤┼żkov├í izbaDvojl├┤┼żkov├í izbaTrojl├┤┼żkov├í izbaTrojl├┤┼żkov├í izbaTrojl├┤┼żkov├í izba
Kr├ísnohorsk├ę Podhradie • 11 rooms a  1 cottage, 37 persons, 13 bedrooms. In the village, on the mountains. With the possibility of catering. Dog allowed.
4.9 9 reviews
from 18 ÔéČ / person / night
Exteri├ęrTerasa3-l├┤┼żkov├í izba3-l├┤┼żkov├í izba2-l├┤┼żkov├í izba2-l├┤┼żkov├í izba s kuchynkou2-l├┤┼żkov├í izba s kuchynkouK├║pe─ż┼łaK├║pe─ż┼łaZ├íhrada
Large garden!
Kr├ísnohorsk├ę Podhradie • 4 rooms, 10 persons, 4 bedrooms. In the village. Dog allowed.
4.8 10 reviews
from 30 ÔéČ / *izba pre dvoch / noc*
Exteri├ęrIzba ─Ź. 1Izba ─Ź. 2Kuchy┼łaInteri├ęrInteri├ęrIzba ─Ź. 2Izba ─Ź. 1Izba ─Ź.3Exteri├ęr
Not far from Krásna Hôrka Castle
Kr├ísnohorsk├ę Podhradie • 3 rooms, 10 persons, 3 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village. Dog allowed.
No reviews
from 18 ÔéČ / person / night
Exteri├ęrExteri├ęrExteri├ęrKuchynsk├Ż k├║tSp├íl┼łaKuchy┼łaK├║pe─ż┼ła
Holiday home in beautiful surroundings
Kr├ísnohorsk├ę Podhradie • 6 rooms a  1 apartment, 19 persons, 7 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village. Dog allowed.
4.3 2 reviews
from 15 ÔéČ / person / night
Trojl├┤┼żkov├í izbaUbytovanie BettyUbytovanie BettyZ├íhradaUbytovanie Betty┼átvorl├┤┼żkov├í izba┼átvorl├┤┼żkov├í izba┼átvorl├┤┼żkov├í izba┼átvorl├┤┼żkov├í izba┼átvorl├┤┼żkov├í izba
Comfortable rooms, large garden, suitable for families with children!
Kr├ísnohorsk├ę Podhradie • 3 rooms, 9 persons, 3 bedrooms. In the village, by the stream. Dog allowed.
4.7 8 reviews
from 16 ÔéČ / person / night
Exteri├ęrExteri├ęrExteri├ęrAlt├ínokBalk├│nSpolo─Źensk├í miestnos┼ąSpolo─Źensk├í miestnos┼ąSpolo─Źensk├í miestnos┼ąSpolo─Źensk├í miestnos┼ąDvojl├┤┼żkov├í izba
Family pension
Jovice • 5 rooms, 13 persons, 5 bedrooms. On the outskirts of the village. Hot tub, sauna, without internet. Dog allowed.
5.0 1 review
from 10 ÔéČ / person / night
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